App Design @ Design Studio Project

Zooing: Simple and Fun Zoo Visiting Experience

by Yi Wang, individual work, Feb. 2019 ~ Apr. 2019

my role: UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI Designer

key research methods used: Interview, User Testing and Analysis, Affinity Diagramming, Field Study (Direct Observation)

design software used: Sketch, Principle, Photoshop


You can either read the whole portfolio piece or watch this 5-minute presentation video, while the video will help you better understand this project, so maybe take some coffee while watching it for a short break 😀



People love zoos, zoos are great, but the visiting experience is not always good, “it’s getting worse and worse” in someone’s eyes.

After interviewing and observing how people plan to visit zoos, engage with animals inside the zoo, I think it might help a lot if we can have an app to help improve visitors’ zoo experience.

By providing all the import information visitors’ needed before they enter the zoo, give them a virtual personal guide and AR interaction on their mobile devices, and create video memory for them afterward, we can make zoo visiting simple and fun.

Some pictures I took in Indianapolis Zoo during this project.



1. Before Visiting

2. During Visiting Part1

2. During Visiting Part2

3. After Visiting



  • It might be better if I could create an app to help improve the overall zoo visiting experience because the internet and technology are helping us a lot to know what we are unfamiliar with nowadays.
  • People might are more willing to see interactive elements in the final product.



Concepts & Concept Systems

After the Research stage, 3 Questions came into my mind:

  • How might we decrease trivial matters before visiting zoos?
  • How might we increase visitors’ engagement in the zoo?
  • How might we extend visitors’ experience after visiting zoos?

After some consideration, I decided to create an app to solve these questions/pain points, to improve the overall experience of visiting zoos.

low-fi wireframes


👉🏻 Zooing – Presentation Video


User Testing

After some user testing and rounds of iterations, finally my interviewees are all positive about the Zooing app, and the AR interaction feature really attracts them, which can truly help visitors a lot to know more about animals, know their environment and habits, even evoke their empathy on animal protection.


  • Project Management is hard, but very important.
  • Sometimes designers need to develop empathy on users; sometimes designers should think out of box, to make use of new technology to create unexpected interactions to deliver a-ha moments to users.
  • It’s not easy to design a simple product, designers need to identify the real pain points of users and tackle on them ingeniously.
  • Video presentation could be more efficient than a prototype for audience to understand your design.


Special Thanks to

Eli Blevis, Manas Singh, Mengyi Liu, Hope Kerkhoff, Shijing Zhang and Clara Bradford for helping me in this project!