Lottie animation created by Ethan Wang

Hi, I'm Ethan

Product/User Experience Designer

Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction Design with 3-year background in the User Experience Design industry.

I believe in "Design is Connection" and aspire to use the power of design to connect people together.

Why I'm into design?
Recently I've got an email from a user of an app I designed, he said "...I just wanted to say thanks for the good job. It's always nice to use well designed things."
I couldn't be happier to hear those words.

Featured Work

What values can I bring?

"Ethan (Yi) is a hard-working designer who is both highly creative and works extremely well with others. He has natural leadership ability, and I recommend him highly!"
Jeffrey Bardzell
Director of HCI/d Masters Program @ Indiana University

"Ethan (Yi) really cared about the end users, he did a really great job in problem framing and solving users’ pain points with his experience design skills. He was an intern, but his work was as good as an experienced designer. Overall, I’m still impressed by his energy, attitude and motivation as a Product Designer."
Junying Chang
Design Lead of Email & Globalization @ ByteDance USA